Beate’s experience in assisting others to recover and grow began when she trained as a registered nurse in Switzerland. She subsequently worked in rehabilitation and psychosomatic medicine at theBeate Gudmundson, Yoga Teacher University Hospital in Berne. Later she accepted a position in community nursing in her hometown of Thun where she enjoyed working with the elderly and supporting them to live independently.

After moving to Canada in 1998 Beate raised a family while starting to explore holistic healing techniques. She started by studying essential oils and certified as an Aromatherapist. She uses the oils to support her own health and well being as well as that of her family, friends and clients.

Throughout her life Beate has had an interest in movement and breath work and has studied a variety of modalities back in her home country. After settling in Canada Beate started to attend yoga classes regularly. To deepen her knowledge and understanding of this practice she studied and certified as a yoga teacher. Her curiosity in the body-mind connection and her joy in movement were both met when she started her training to become a certified yoga therapist. Understanding anatomy through visualization, sensation and experience in the body are an integral part of her training.

Beate Gudmundson of Therapeitic Yoga MovesAs a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, Beate brings all of her work and life experiences to serve the student. Thus, knowledge and intuition combine to inform Beate’s teaching and therapeutic work. She uses her understanding of anatomy as well as the knowledge gained through her own practice to lead students into yoga poses emphasizing  proper preparation and alignment.

She particularly enjoys working with small classes and individuals because it allows her to individually assist her students. Her intention is to offer a practice that eases suffering and improves well-being.

Beate’s own personal yoga and mediation practice help her to be more open, patient, at ease, and able to face whatever comes into her life. For her personal and professional growth, she continues to educate herself through workshops and classes that have an emphasis on awareness and optimization of movement patterns.

Beate loves spending time in nature. Be that in her garden tending to vegetables and flowers or walking, hiking, camping, canoing and skiing. Spending time to observe and sense qualities and the cycles of nature are nurturing and restoring for her. The wisdom she gains from time outdoors inspires her practice and teaching.


Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapists

Certified Yoga Therapist, Centerpoint Yoga Therapy, 2016

Certified Yoga Teacher, 2009

Certified Aromatherapist, 2000.  Registered Nurse (Switzerland), 1986-1998